Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Judi Moreo Wisdom for Tough Times

Although the financial elements of the economic meltdown are getting primary focus in the press and in people's discussions about these challenging times, it is the people aspects of these times that concern me most.

Economic stress will quickly produce stress in other aspects of people's lives. And, it is the relationship stresses that concern me most. I worry about the out-of-work spouse who starts taking their anger out on their children. I worry about what a job loss can do to a marriage relationship. And, I worry about the family relationships that will be adversely impacted by economic woes of one or more members of a family.

One of the segments of the population that I worry about most is middle aged women who will be cast aside by husbands forced to start their wealth building again (to be fair, there will be women also casting aside their husbands when they learn their net worth has evaporated in this economic meltdown). Many of these women have been out of the job market for years and will now need to quickly find a job in an environment where jobs are very difficult to find. Ouch!

To women of all ages, finding themselves starting over, I highly recommend Judi Moreo's excellent book, You Are More Than Enough.

I am a fan of so many authors that I almost hate to ever recommend a single book. But, for the woman who finds herself cast aside and needing to quickly reposition herself, the guidance of Judi Moreo is a great starting point. Judi communicates a wonderful mix of "can do" attitude with very practical suggestions on getting on a better track of life.

Life is, often, not fair. All of us, from time to time, experience events and circumstances that we don't deserve. How we handle those events and circumstances determines our future. Never has that been more true.

The good news is that there is a wealth of wisdom that is available for those who choose to improve their future.

Are you aggressively using the resources available to help you prosper in tough times? Or, have you resigned yourself to be a victim of the times?

Coming Tomorrow: The exceptional wisdom of Joe Caruso. You can read the entire series of Lessons from the Masters by starting here.

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